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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Horse Lover

1. Helmet

Getting a helmet for your rider is a great investment. You never know when you might fall off and bonk your head. Here is a link to some awesome helmets.

2. Electric Socks

If your rider is riding during the winter electric socks are amazing!!! When you are riding your feet get sooooo cold because you're not moving them and getting the blood flow moving.

3. Saddle Sack

Saddle sacks are a must have! You can put your phone in there, inhaler, chapstick or anything else you need to have with you.

4. Training Stick

We are going to be learning alot about how to get your horses respect by doing ground work. To be an excellent rider owning a training stick is a must!

5. Rope Halter

These aren't just any rope halters they are specifically designed with four knots over the nose band with a SMALL rope to get the horses attention better. These halters will transform your ground work experience.

6. 14' Lead Rope

These lead ropes also make ground work 10x more effective because you do so much with them, like lunge, sending drills, and so much more.

7.Riding Gloves

Its cold out side and you have to use your hands the entire time you ride. Good gloves are an excellent investment for your horse rider.

8. Saddle Bag

When we go on trail rides, having your own saddle bag is awesome! Saddle bags allow you to carry your lunch, drinks, jacket or rain jack.

9. Number Holders

Number holders are a classy way to keep your back number on while you are competing. Whether it's in rodeo or in horsemanship or showmanship. These also make great stocking stuffers.

10. Cowboy boots

Who doesn't need a great pair of cowboy boots? The heel on cowboy boots keep your feet from slipping through the stirrup.

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