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Become Lucky Shoe Ranch Sponsor


What is Lucky Shoe Riding Club?

Lucky Shoe Riding Club is a non profit organization that offers riding lessons to students ages 4 and up. LSRC supplies the horses and the tack for students to learn on. While taking lessons they have the option to compete in kids rodeos (gymkhanas), join 4-h, go on trail rides, attend horse camps and compete in drill teams.

How can I help Lucky Shoe Ranch and get a tax write off?

  • Sponsor a horses feed $1,815 hay $384 grain for a year

  • Donate to care for a horses feet $625 a year

  • Vet care for 1 horse a year $400

  • Volunteer to help teach classes

  • Volunteer to help feed and care for horses

  • Volunteer to help around the facility

  • Donate your old horse for students to learn on

  • Donate equipment for a day

  • Sponsor a scholarship for a student

  • Donate to our tack fund

If you would like to donate by a check please mail it to:

Lucky Shoe Ranch

4195 North County Road 5 West Monte Vista, CO 81144

What is the LSRC scholarship program?

Students who are selected to receive the scholarship get to take lessons for half the cost. The scholarship pays for half and the student pays for the other half. Example: Lesson costs $40, scholarship pays $20 and the student pays the other $20. In order to earn the scholarship’s half the student has to work around the barn cleaning stalls, oiling tack, organizing tack room, doctoring horses, feeding, ect. This opportunity teaches the students how to have a work ethic and appreciate the opportunity they get with the scholarship. When sponsoring, LSRC will do a social media shout out and hang a banner during events and the parade.


Who gets the scholarship?

To choose who gets the scholarship each year we have an application process. Students ages 8 and up are eligible to apply by submitting their application by March 1st. We work closely with the schools to recommend candidates who need positive direction in their life to grow and learn. These candidates can’t afford these opportunities without this program.

Sponsorship Packages

Become a Sponsor with one of these packages:

 Platinum Sponsor $1500+

*Includes companies flag to be carried during the fall show

*Multiple social media shout outs

*Permanent banner on the Lucky Shoe arena

*Name on the Lucky Shoe Stampede parade float


Gold Sponsor $500

*Includes companies flag to be carried during the fall show

*Social Media Shout out

*Bannner on Lucky Shoe Arena

* Name on Lucky Shoe Stampede parade float


Silver Sponsor $200-$400

*Social media shout outs

*Name on Lucky Shoe Stampede Parade Float

*Banner on Lucky Shoe Arena


Bronze Sponsor $100-$200

*Social Media shout outs

*Name on Lucky Shoe stampede parade float


Team Sponsor $50

*Social Media shout out

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