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Scholarship Program

Our scholarship project covers half the cost of tuition for under-resourced youth. For example: The cost is $440 for a club season.  The season consists of 11 classes. The student pays $220 and the scholarship covers $220.  Each class is two hours long and is with a group of students. Lucky Shoe Ranch provides the horse and tack for the students to learn on. The class cost helps go to covering the expense of tack, horses, feed, feet care, vet care, and instructors. By providing a scholarship to cover half the tuition it gives under-resourced youth the opportunity to be a part of Lucky Shoe Ranch and develop essential life skills in young individuals

Our scholarship process consists of an application period. Applications are accepted and then our committee reviews each application to determine who qualifies for a scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of each club season, fall, summer and spring. Our goal is to offer 10 scholarships each club season. 

Once a student is awarded the scholarship, they are required to help in our programs in exchange for the scholarship. Some of the tasks they are required to help with are assisting during our beginner classes, cleaning pens, grooming horses manes, cleaning the tack room, oiling tack, feeding, helping during our community days, and giving pony rides at festivals or community events. By doing this we get the opportunity to build relationships with our students on a deeper level and get to speak into them about how to develop a work ethic and prepare for real world experiences. For example: We had two students oiling tacking and they would tell us they were finished after just 5 minutes.  I would look at their work and I would say no, look at this spot you missed. By making them do the job correctly with proficiency they were able to develop skills to pay attention to detail and not to hurry through a project with poor results. Today’s society is teaching instant gratification, which is doing harm to our youth. They are losing the grit and determination it takes to succeed. It is important that our youth are learning how to pay attention to detail and develop a work ethic before they enter the workforce. In our scholarship program we get the opportunity to help our youth develop these life skills. 

If you are wanting the opportunity to ride and need a scholarship please fill out the form below and fill out the PDF form and email or mail in the scholarship application. 

If you would like to donate to our scholarship program please donate in the box below. We couldn't reach the of number of students without people like you! With your help we are able to offer something positive for students in our valley. Thank you for being apart of our life changing, character building program.  We are a nonprofit organization, your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a tax deduction receipt for your donation.  

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