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For your convenience, documents on this page are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF).  To view and print PDF files, you will require a PDF viewer on your computer. 

Instructor Application 

I am looking for someone who can teach lessons in one or more of theses areas:

English (is most desired)

Gymkhana Events

4-H, Showmanship, Horsemanship

Trail Courses/Obstacles Courses.


Duties and Responsibilities:

-Give Lessons in your qualified area

-Teach Lessons with up to 8 students in a class



-Can teach up to as many lessons a month as desired, you will be able to create your own schedule. Must teach at least 10 hours a month. Lessons are 2 hours or 1 hour.


Must be able to:

-Work with kids, and adults

-Work some weekends Ex: Stampede Parade, Camps

- Must have a solid back ground with horses.

-Be able to solve problems, horse and rider issues

-Must be able to communicate effectively

-Sub if needed for another instructor.

Camp Forms

These forms need to be filled out prior to checking in the day of camp. 

Scholarship Form

We offer 5 scholarships each year that cover half of the the riding club cost. The deadline to apply is march 1st for the scholarship. 

Horse Health Record Form

Competition Horse Conditioning Plan

Horses who are competing in rodeo need to be in great shape in order to keep them safe and competing at their highest level. Follow this plan to help  you know what to do each day to help keep your horse in shape. The days don't always have to been in this order but as long as you are getting each of these days done each week you are on your way to winning. 

Assessment Forms



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