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Hay & Grain Club

Lucky Shoe Riding Club offers the hay and grain club is a great way to get hay cubes and bluebonnet grain at whole sale prices. If you are currently taking lessons at Lucky Shoe Riding Club you have access to these prices. If you do not take lessons but would like to join the hay and grain club you can purchase your $200 yearly membership                  Your membership will go towards fuel and team members time to load and unload product.

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Cubeit Hay Cubes

Type of Hay             Club Price                Non-Member Price

Alfalfa                  $431/ 1 ton tote                     $450/ Tote

Alfalfa/Oat           $431  / 1 Ton Tote                   $450/ Tote

Timothy Alfalfa              $471/ Tote                    $491/ Tote

* One horse needs 11 50lb bags a month. Hay is also available in 1650 lb  totes. 

*Prices could vary from month to month with rising hay costs. 

Bluebonnet Feed


Intensify Omega Force is a nutrient dense feed formulated for horses in training.  This product contains high quality protein and high levels of “Cool Energy” calories along with flaxseed and fish oil for increased Omega 3 fatty acids.  Low levels of starch, sugar and non-structural carbohydrates team up with increased levels of Organic Selenium Yeast and Vitamin E, all of which are essential for ultimate athletic performance.  This feed is safe for horses in all life stages and contains “Intensify Technology”.  Omega Force is very concentrated and was designed to be fed in smaller amounts than traditional horse feeds.  

Intensify Growth & Development is the superior choice for pregnancy, lactation, and growth.  Intensify Growth & Development contains low sugar, starch, and non-structural carbohydrate levels and is specifically formulated to promote a balanced growth rate of both bone and muscle.  Mares should begin eating Intensify Growth & Development in the third trimester of pregnancy and continue until the foal is weaned.  Foals should be fed Growth & Development through 2 years of age.  This product contains “Intensify Technology” and is one of the most advanced feeds on the market for mare and foal nutrition.

Intensify® Senior Therapy is a dust-free feed specially designed for seniors and horses with sensitive digestive systems. This product contains high quality protein sources and elevated fat levels, and may be used for growth, performance, breeding, and maintenance horses of all ages. Intensify Senior Therapy may be fed as a complete feed without hay or pasture but may also be used with hay or pasture if desired. This Bluebonnet® product contains “Intensify Technology” which combines cutting edge nutrition with high quality ingredients and specialized milling processes to create one of the most advanced equine feeds on the market.

Type of Grain                       Club Pricing           Non-Member Pricing

Growth and Development          $37.10/bag                    $40/bag

Omega Force                           $35/bag                        $40/bag

Senior Therapy                         $35/bag                       $40bag

Complete                                 $25/bag                       $30/bag

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