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Horses & Tack are Provided

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Club Lessons

Club lessons are 2 hours each. Club lessons are held Monday - Friday. In the club, students learn several different types of riding, from trail riding, barrel racing, gymkhanas, horsemanship, and showmanship. This gives them the opportunity to try out any type of riding that may interest them. Each club lesson is $40 to rent a LSRC horse. With your own it is $25 donation. Students have to attend at least once a week but can come up to three times a week to club lessons. Club member benefits include: gymkhanas and shows (put on by the club). We also take members to local gymkhanas and parents only have to pay entry fees and split the fuel cost. 

*$40 to rent a LSRC Horse and tack

* $25 Donation with your own horse and tack 

*Ages 5 and up

1 Hour Lessons

1 hour lessons are held Monday-Friday. In these lessons students learn horsemanship, showmanship, and the basics of riding. If they would like to advance their learning in certain areas they can do that as well. 

*1 hour$40 horse rental or donation 

* if interested and compete in gymkhanas, barrel races or attend shows by renting a horse. 

*Ages 4 and Up

When you take lessons you are welcome to compete in gymkhanas put on by LSR and compete in the drill team competition on a LSR horse. 

Fundraising Forms

To book a lesson and see the schedule availability please go to the book online tab. 

Scholarship Application

This scholarship will be awarded to four students ages 8 years old – 18 years old. It will be for half of the tuition amount, starting in April 10th –October 31st. It is important that the recipient awarded has a passion for horses, learning, a strong work ethic, determination, and a respectful attitude.

- Scholarship Deadline is MARCH 1st 2024


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