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Join 4-H for the 2020 Season

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

4-H shows are great opportunities to show off your horse's talents, have fun with friends, and learn about riding. Starting In April we start working on preparing our horse and rider to compete at the San Luis Valley Fair In August.


Showmanship Is an event they compete In at fair. What they do Is lead their horse In a pattern given by the judge. the exhibitor is judged on how well he or she exhibits the animal to its best advantage, with additional scoring for the grooming and presentation of both horse and handler.Showmanship began as a component of 4-H competition for young people, to teach them how to present a horse in-hand.


Horsemanship Is an event that the exhibitor competes In riding their horse. They receive a pattern from the judge and have to show how well they present their horse to Its best advantage.

Trail Course

Trail Course Is an event that the rider has to take her horse through several obstacles such as crossing a bridge, logs, opening a gate, side passing, and turning around In a box. They are judge on how well they can complete each obstacle. 


Gymkhana is a kids rodeo. They get to compete In several speed events such as barrels, poles, flag race, key hole, and goat tying. In these events they have to compete the pattern as fast as they can. So Instead of being judged it is a race agains the clock.


Why Join 4-H?

4-H Is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills, responsibility, meet new friends, and see a totally different arena when It comes to competing. Your student will get to learn so many different styles of riding.  4-H Is for kids 8-18 years old.


4-H is Family Oriented

Are you signing your horse rider up for 4-H? If so then you are signing up as well. Being Involved In 4-H Is a big project. so be prepared to help your kiddo out ALOT. You will have to do a record book through out the project, and record a bunch of Information such as: how much your horse eats, how often It gets shod, vaccinated, how much It costs to buy the tack, write a story about your goals and what you have learned through out the project and so much more! Don't worry we will guide and help you and your child along the way so It doesn't get too overwhelming. At 4-H practice parents will have to be there so they can learn as well and help when you come to practice on your own. During fair Courtney will not be able to stay the entire time, she will drop horses off and help as much as she can before she has to run back and teach more lessons. This Is why It Is important you as a parent learn as much as you can so you can help your exhibitor at fair. One of the best things about our Club Is that we are like a family. All the parents come together and help out. So if Courtney is not there, It is okay someone else will be there to have your back.


Using a Horse From Lucky Shoe Riding Club

If you are wanting to compete in 4-H with Lucky Shoe Riding Club and use one of our horses that Is fantastic. We meet every Friday from 11-1 starting In April until the Fair In August. 4-H lessons are the same amount as our club lessons, If you are using one of our horses. If you have your own horse then the 4-H lesson is free. This year to use a horse for 4-H there will be $200 fee for the season along with each 4H lesson, $35. The $200 is to ensure that your child gets enough time working with their 4-H animal. Your exhibitor should be working with their animal up to 2-3 times a week at the least in order to be competitive. This means that you will have to bring your exhibitor out to work with their animals on your free time. This will not be in a lesson but on their own, and with the parents help. There will be instructors around incase you do need help or have a question. I am doing this differently this year to ensure that your rider gets enough practice time before fair.

2020 4-H Horse Use Breakdown of Costs:

4-H Horse Rental Fee. Use of horse 2-3 times a week on your own with out an Instructor April - August : $200

4-H Weekly Lesson Horse Use: $35x4=$105 a month

Fuel Split Between Parents for Fair: $5-$7


2019 4-H Year Horse Use Breakdown of Costs:

4-H Weekly Lesson Horse Use: $35x4=105 a month

Ride Time Without an instructor Per Hour $10

Example: 3 hours a week of Ride Time X $10=$30x 4 weeks=$120x4 months=$480

Fuel Split Between Parents for Fair: $5-$7


How do I sign up for 4-H?

If you will be needing to use one of Lucky Shoe Riding Club's horses for 4-H you will need to let Courtney know right away that you are Interested so she can reserve a horse for you.

4-H Horses are:

Oreo --------Rio




Once a horse Is reserved for you Courtney will send you directions on how to sign up through the extension office.

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP FOR NEW MEMBERS (First year 4-H) Is In MARCH I think.. It's not posted yet. HOWEVER we only have 7 horses so the faster you let me know you would like to do 4-H the better.


------>If you need Instructions to re enroll go to:

Every time you ride, your either teaching or un-teaching your horse.– Gordon Wright

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