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Upcoming Changes for 2020

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Heres What is Coming:

-----> All Around Traveling Team

-The traveling team will have 6 riders for our 6 competitive horses. If your student has their own horse they are welcome to be on the traveling team.

- Requirements to be on team

* attend the club class for gymkhanas once a week

* attend 1-2 ride times a week or be in another club class.

*must be dedicated, have a strong work ethic, and be willing to put in the extra hours it takes to compete. The competition will be hard so we will have to be tougher!

*We will split the fuel costs between us when we travel, and for over night trips you will have to help pay for hay, which is usually $10 a small bale.

-We will go to barrel races around Penrose, Pueblo, Fountain, Castle Rock ect. 1-2 times a month. This will also include races and gymkhanas locally.

---->Schedule will be officially announced in February or March.

- To be on the traveling team you will have to buy a card. The fees from this will help pay for the up keep of the horse such as shoes, and high quality competition feed and other hauling expenses for your horse.

- You will not share a horse on the traveling team. So we will only take 6 riders and 6 horses. We will be taking our four new horses, and Rio and Chiki.

-----> To purchase a card click on the following link:

-------> La Jara Gymkhana Card

- La Jara Gymkhanas are a great opportunity to get a taste of competing! It is a small kids rodeo that students get to compete in barrel racing, flag racing, key hole, pole bending, and goat tying. They are not very expensive and offer a great opportunity for kids to meet new people, gain confidence, and decide what kind of horse back riding interests them the most. I will only be taking 10-12 horses to the gymkhana so only 10-12 students. This way the horses do not get over worked. 6 of the horses will be reserved for the all around traveling team.

- The card cost will help pay for wear and tear on trailers, trucks, high quality competition feed expense, shoes, tack and so on.

- The card ensures that you get to go to 4 La Jara gymkhanas. You will sign up for the gymkhanas of your choice under the book online tab. Please sign up as soon as possible.

--------> To purchase a card click on the following link.

-------> Lucky Shoe Gymkhanas

-Gymkhanas held at Lucky Shoe Riding Club will be open to all club members and individual lesson students.

- Since we have so many students each student will compete in 3 events each.

-Each event will be $5. All entry fees will go to the prizes for the kids.

- It will be a buckle series again. Dates will be posted in February or March.

----->Book Online

- We will have a set schedule each month on which each class will be taught and by which instructor. You will be able to sign up for the subject and coach of your choice directly on the website. Example: Trail riding Class, Fun and Games Class, Beginners Class, Gymkhana Class, English Class ect.

- Each month you will get on the website and sign up for the classes you would like to take.

Find the Online Booking here:

------>Scholarship Opportunity

- This scholarship will be awarded to four students ages 8 years old – 18 years old. It will be for half of the tuition amount, starting in April 10th – August 31st. It is important that the recipient awarded has a passion for horses, learning, a strong work ethic, determination, and a respectful attitude.

- Scholarship Deadline is MARCH 1st 2020

Find the Application here:

-------> Club Camp

-We will have a 4 day, club member only, over night camp.This will ensure students are receiving the level of instruction they are needing and can excel in the areas that interest them.

-------> Open Camp

- This camp will be a 2.5 day over night camp for ages 8 and up. This will be open to everyone.

--------> New Year New Pricing

- Pricing will be going up this year due to increasing feed expense, additional coaches, and the more expensive and competitive horses I am buying for your talented riders.

- Club Classes will be $40 and Individual classes will be $30 or four classes for $110. If you are bringing and using your own horse, club classes will be $35 and individuals will be $25.

--------> Last Chance

- Before 2020 is here you can buy as many lessons at this old price as you would like.

-------> Store

- To order all of our Lucky Shoe Riding Club attire you can go directly through my online store. Turn around time will be 1-3 days. I will keep it updated with all of our favorite horsey attire.

Find Lucky Shoe Creations Here:

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