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Summer Camps 2022

As a child growing up in the west, they are surrounded by the wild spirit of horses. Why not give your child the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding, caring, and learning about our western culture hands on? Lucky Shoe Riding Club is a horseback riding facility that offers the perfect opportunity to learn how to ride horses, groom, lead, camp, compete in rodeo events, and establish long lasting friendships. This 3 day camp will be packed full of horses, adventures and fun filled activities. The horses, meals, tents, will be provided by Lucky Shoe Riding Club. Registration is now open, we will only be offering 20 spots at this camp to ensure quality time with our trainers. To reserve your spot please call or text 719-849-1955, or email Courtney at

July  Camp

When: July 9th-11th Check In 8:30-9:30

Where: 4834 North County Road 4 West Monte Vista CO 81144

Cost: $235

Deposit: $100 from total amount, non refundable.  

Ages: 8 and Up

Register by: email

Call 719-849-1955


Lucky Shoe Riding Club believes in giving students quality instruction, and offering the opportunity to help each student grow in their horsemanship capabilities. However, we are here for so much more than just horses. We are here to help your students confidence blossom as they grow into the respectful young adults they have been called to be. Working with horses teaches us how to persevere when things get difficult. When your horse just wont turn the way you want and you have to take a deep breath and learn to be patient. When you have tried everything you can think of and you still aren't achieving your goal, horses teach us to change our perspective. They teach us to love, to trust and how to care and protect them.  When your child is apart of Luck Shoe Riding Club, they are apart of a group that builds character, work ethic, confidence, responsibility, grit, patience, and friendships that will last a long time.


Campers will check in on Saturday Morning 8:30-9:30am. Each camper will be given a hat and a schedule.  They will be given a tour of the grounds, and settled into their designated sleeping quarters.  Campers will be given an individualized schedule, based on chosen events, of which events they are assigned to when.  We kick off camp with staff, instructor, and team leader introductions.  

At this time each camper will be assigned to their team leader (campers are placed in groups of 5 with other campers their age.)  Each team leader has picked a team name and prop for each of their group members for competition purposes.  Every night teams will compete in group games of all kinds, with the goal of coming out on top at the end of the three days.  Team leaders stay on site with the kids, so they are never alone. The girls sleep in the barn on the floor, so bring an air mattress so your student is not sleeping on the hard concrete. The boys sleep in a large tent the their team leader.  They help them get around camp and make sure they get to where they are supposed to be on time. 

They will have three instructional sections each day. Instruction always starts with the basics and lots of ground work to make sure each student has built a foundation to build on.  


Free time and late night activities are offered at the end of each day.  Staff keep eyes on campers at all times to make sure they stay in designated areas.   Free time and late night activities include things like; football, volleyball, painting, tournaments, movies, bonfires, dances, and more.  

Showers are available on site and shower time is scheduled. Campers are also welcome to shower during their free time.  

We have a concession stand available on site throughout camp with snacks and drinks if anyone desires a late night snack or something besides water throughout the day.  

Campers can bring their phone, but during instruction they are required to keep it in their belongings. Campers can bring snacks to have throughout the camp. 


Camp will wrap up on Monday.  At 10am we will do a group riding activity and invite the parents to come see what their students have learned. Students will be ready for pick up at 12pm. 


Parents we know that your kids are your most valuable possession and we make it our priority to make sure they are safe and taken care of during their time with us.  All of our staff have current background checks. 

We understand that it's nice to stop in and check on your kids.  We love for you to see what they are learning and doing, however, we ask that you check in at our office and do not roam around camp without a visitor's pass.  We like to know who is on the camp grounds and when, in order to maintain safety for our campers. 

We do not allow anyone outside of staff to stay on the grounds for safety purposes.  We do prohibit alcohol and tobacco products on camp grounds.


Camp Rules: 

  • No guys in girls sleeping quarters and no girls in guys sleeping areas. 

  • Campers are expected to be prompt to at all meals and scheduled activities unless excused by the camp director. 

  • Campers are not permitted to leave camp grounds without the approval of the camp director. 

  • Alcohol and Tobacco products are prohibited on camp grounds. 

  • Cell phones are not permitted during instruction or game times.  

  • Dogs are not permitted on camp grounds. 

  • Every camper is responsible for his/her own personal belongings. 

  • It is expected that everyone will dress in a manner that is respectful and does not draw unnecessary attention to oneself.  Questions in this area should be directed to Team Leaders and/ or camp director.

  • Campers should not mess with camp stock unless directed to do so by an instructor or staff member.  

  • Campers are expected to treat the belongings of others with respect.  

Check List

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • Personal Toiletries

  • Bug Repellent

  • Boots

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Water bottle

  • Sleeping Pad-optional (Air Mattress or foam pad) Students sleep on concrete floor. 

  • Helmet

  • Jacket

  • Pants

  • Lawn Chair

  • Towel

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Flip Flops

  • Button up Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Flash Light

  • Hay if you are bringing your own horse. 

Camp Release Form

Health Card Form

How to return forms?

*Scan signed forms to

*By mail: Lucky Shoe Riding Club 4834 North CR 4 W Monte Vista Co 81144

*Bring them with you to camp filled out

*$100 deposit can be mailed to reserve spot. 

Camp Registration Form

July 2022 Camp Schedule


Past Camps

Its a wrap for our 2019 Camps! We had two four day camps this year and the turn out was awesome! The students were fantastic and horses were

 great! Thank you to everyone that attended and helped us put on these camps!

2018 camp was so AWESOME! We had the best students! Here are some of our pictures taken throughout the camp. 

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